Sunday, February 5, 2017

Feb 5, 2017 (Day 30)

 Lunch was Pasta Primavera from Domino's.
 This done got eat after the pasta.
 This done got drank with the pasta.
This was my late dinner. The pasta filled me up until about 8:30pm when I had a can of beans (with some ranch dressing in them).

And that concludes the blog everything you eat for 30 days challenge.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Feb 4, 2017 (Day 29)

 OK for dinner I finished off the last 2 apples. I was not that hunger. Should have had a bit more though.
Dinner was and the late meal will be - Chili chicken soup with black beans. Yeah I am using pasta in it and it's NOT low carb. Well see hot it goes after a week of it. I love the taste of it in a soup and so on.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Feb 3, 2017 (Day 28)

 Lunch was a bit of pasta salad and a lump of processed meat.

 Dinner was a Cajun chicken burger and some blue berries.
 Nibbled on this crap all day.
Had a couple of apples for the late feed.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Feb 2, 2017 (Day 27)

 Well at least I had a salad for lunch.
 So I eat about half of this and drank a thing of Clamato Juice for dinner. I'm so going to pee all night.
Lump of processed meat byproduct for the late meal.

Feb 1, 2017 (Day 26)

 And to continue eating CRAP I had a big thing of pasta with meatballs. Well the beef triggered a flair (Fibro). But I got two feeds out of it - lunch and dinner.
This was the late night meal and it sat on my tummy like a lump of coal. I tossed the other half of the bag out today.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Jan 31, 2017 (Day 25)

Leftover pizza ALL day today. I got this coupon yesterday for 3 Medium Pizza's for $23. Well I ordered them and got 3 "gourmet" pizza's. This is one of them the "all meat" with peppers added to it as they where a free extra. The thing is only 8 inches wide. How this is labeled as a Medium I don't know - but oh well. The taste of them is not bad but the crust is like a cardboard box for texture. Me no order from T.J.'s no more. Any-who... All 3 feeds today will be the leftovers from lasts nights sampling of all 3.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Jan 30, 2017 (Day 24)

 Lunch was a turkey club house with fries. AND I forgot I am allergic to turkey and got a violent headache. Well it's not an allergy it's a trigger for the Fibro. P.S. Not my photo - I forgot to take the photo. I will be glad as hell when this 30 day project is over.
 Dinner was some hot wings. As you can see I fell off the wagon here. I am going to pay for today and for the weekend for sure.
Late meal was all together too much pizza. Well I had this coupon - 3 medium pizzas for $23. So I got them. Disappointed in the size of these things. I mean there are 8 freaking inches. Every other place calls a 10 inch a small - how is an 8 a medium? So I had like 2 slices of each one. There is still 2/3 of the stuff left for tomorrow but I am over fed.